We hired Lee and his team to help us create our company from scratch. We had a business concept but no business name, no logo, no website, no marketing and no direction. What Power Funnels was able to do for us in 2 months time was unbelievable. They not only created a very professional and functional website, the team also setup key marketing channels, and consulted us in the direction of our company. The catalyst to our success however was the following: Power Funnels created over 18 ad campaigns on Facebook, Google and Kajiji and from these campaigns (including email blasts), which helped us generate 8,300,000 of leads in 5 weeks. Yes: 8 million, three hundred thousand dollars of leads in 5 weeks. If you don’t believe me, reach out to me directly on http://www.ReliableCapital.ca and I will personally send you sales reports to show this.

Reliable Capital