Lee and I have been working together for over 6 months on a variety projects and campaigns with clients from all over the world. Over these 6 months, I have noticed that Lee not only extremely ambitious for his age, but he also presents high-level skills in the online world. His specialities consist of Traffic Generation through Facebook Advertising and Sales Funnel development, and because of these skills, he makes a strong addition to any client or team.

Recently, Lee has been helping me with Traffic generation strategies through Facebook Advertising to push my Indiegogo campaign for my newest album “The Things We Love”. When breaking down different strategies and metrics to follow, Lee talks with a calculated and knowledgable approach but breaks it down a simple manner (which makes it easier for me to understand as I have no idea what alot of the technical terms mean.

All in all, Lee is awesome to work with, and I really value our time together as well as his experience in Digital Marketing.

-Jared Cattoor | DYI (Dominate Your Life) | Two Cities One World