We have worked with lee on many different online media initiatives. He has excellent project management skills and is very communicative in his approach. We continue to use Lee for all of our social media and PPC advertising and highly recommend him to companies looking to retain new customers. 

-Christian – Founder & UI/UX Lead Designer of Switch Labs

Christian – Founder & UI/UX Lead Designer

I’ve been working with Lee and his team over the past 4 years. We originally brought Lee in to create sales funnels for our sculpture studio business but as we have worked together over the years, Lee and his team are now overseeing our social media, digital strategy and internal operations. One of the top campaigns that Lee and his team put together was our “Endorsed by Oprah and George Bush Senior” campaign which resulted in thousands of email sign-ups and 8 sculptures sold. We are more than happy to endorse Lee and his team for any of those who are needing an extra boost in their business.

-Colette – Vice President of Sopel Studio

Colette – Vice President at Sopel Studio

I hired Lee Futcher and his team to assist me in many areas of my e-commerce brand such as athlete development, digital strategy and operations. Working with Lee has been a great experience! He’s dependable, brings great ideas to the table, and has overall helped me expand my brand. He has strong skills in sales, digital marketing and customer service. I highly recommend Lee and his team. 5/5

-Joe – Founder at NoGi BJJ Gear

Joe – Founder of NoGI BJJ Gear

We hired Lee and his team to build out Google and Facebook ads to generate traffic to our Cannabis store. Over the past few months of working together, Lee’s team has not only helped us stay on Google but they have also increased our revenue by 24% in the past 2 months. Thank you again Lee, Darren and team! 

-Spencer – Founder at Smart Budz

Spencer – Founder of Smart Budz

Lee helped us exceed our crowdfunding goals by more than 300% and exceed our ROAS expectations all within a very compressed 6 week schedule while providing exceptional customer service and genuine care for our business. Couldn’t recommend Lee and his team more!

-David Sypniewski – Founder at YAK Grills™

David – Founder of YAK Grills™

I had the pleasure to work with Lee and his team for around 3 years now. My experience has been very positive! Lee is the guy you need to know. He has this vibe of a professional while being a friend which is hard to find nowadays. 

During all these years he taught me a lot and helped me during the planning and management of one of the most large projects I’ve worked on. He’s always open to hear ideas, pros and cons and the most important thing: Share constructive feedback.

He has vast experience in PPC advertising and funnels so you can be sure that he and his team will provide high quality work that will please you.

Lee and his team are always on my mind for feature projects. I highly recommend him!

Aldo Botello – Project Manager at Atoms E-Commerce 

Aldo – Project Manager at Atoms E-Commerce

Lee is a very skilled marketer and always looks to give value wherever he can. Working with him has really helped our company in a very short period of time. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to grow their business or improve their funnel.

Waira Mendoza Angle

Project Manager at DigitalMassLabs.com

Waira Mendoza Angle – Co-Founder of Digital Mass Labs

We hired Lee and his team to help us create our company from scratch. We had a business concept but no business name, no logo, no website, no marketing and no direction. What Power Funnels was able to do for us in 2 months time was unbelievable. They not only created a very professional and functional website, the team also setup key marketing channels, and consulted us in the direction of our company. The catalyst to our success however was the following: Power Funnels created over 18 ad campaigns on Facebook, Google and Kajiji and from these campaigns (including email blasts), which helped us generate 8,300,000 of leads in 5 weeks. Yes: 8 million, three hundred thousand dollars of leads in 5 weeks. If you don’t believe me, reach out to me directly on http://www.ReliableCapital.ca and I will personally send you sales reports to show this.

Reliable Capital

Reliable Capital – Top Finance Firm

Lee Futcher did an amazing job helping me with my book launch. His work on my website was outstanding, and in my opinion, he is the king of social media on Facebook. He is brilliant in creating fresh ideas for marketing ads and he walks you through the steps as you go through your book launch.

Lee is a professional in every aspect and he is also very personable and so easy to work with. His positive, upbeat attitude keeps you energized and he stayed on top of the campaign from beginning to the end. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity and privilege of working with Lee. I highly recommend him for your social media and Digital marketing needs.

Best Selling Author
Pugs Are People, Too

Connie Ramsey – Author

Lee and his team are at the top of their field. If you need assistance driving traffic, converting leads or improving your business, check them out. You’ll come across innovative thinking, new solutions, and tried-and-true methodology.

I’m talking RESULTS. I’ve seen it over and over again with the clients that Power Funnels and I have helped serve through the Awesomeness Company. We’re talking Best Selling Authors and happy business people, over and over again.

Lee and his team means business. They will be a pleasant surprise to work with and will help you make money.
Sofia Wren
Business Owner & Writer for The Awesomeness Company

Sofia Wren – Professional Writer