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Power Funnels has been at the forefront of the quickly emerging and ever changing cannabis industry. We’re experts in navigating the complexity of compliance while driving revenue and results.

Serving Canadian Clients for 2 Years

Increased Revenue by 28% in <1 Year

Helped Launch 10+ Cannabis Startups

47% Reduction in Google Ad CPA

Proper Your Cannabis Sales Into Orbit With Our Proven SEO & PPC Campaign Approach

Power Funnels is a leading cannabis marketing agency with a deep understanding of the industry, driven by experience, and powered by data analytics.

Tailored solutions for established brands and startups.

Power Funnels has executed laser focused lead generation and sales campaigns for over 15 Canadian cannabis companies over the past two years. Rest easy knowing you have an experienced cannabis marketing agency that will manage all of your digital communications around a unified strategy, driven by cannabis marketing and new-aged search engine optimization.

Power Solutions That Bring Powerful Results

Our tactics are driven by experience, creativity, data analytics, and a deep understanding of the cannabis and hemp industries. Take a look:

Keyword Research

Discover and identify top performing keywords that will generate recurring bottom-line revenue.

On-Page SEO

Optimize your website or store with your target keywords. Begin ranking organically and drive relevant traffic for a very cheap cost.

Link Building

Build out your link ecosystem by linking to and from relevant directories, review sites and media sources. See your website or store’s online credibility and traffic shoot into orbit!

Content Strategy

Create SEO friendly content that will attract and retain relevant traffic to your website or store. Shoot up in the rankings on Google and Bing.

PPC Advertising

Develop performance-based campaigns across platforms and marketplaces that drive awareness, traffic, and turn clicks into sales.

Influencer Outreach

Research, identify and build an army of evangelists by leveraging the power of influencer marketing. See your team of influencers become leading sales people and brand advocates.

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